Many owners panic at this stage and request treatment. Mites may or may not be diagnosed on skin scrapings and this may initiate various treatments that now disturb that much-needed balance in dermal order. An overkill of organo-phosphorus dips, shampoos, and pour on
products of immense toxicity, designed to kill the parasites, are administered along with anti-inflammatories and antibiotics.

There may be an initial improvement followed by a cycle of recurrence, requiring further treatment which ironically may create a chronic phase of intractable dermatitis in the poor puppy. In the natural order of things, we may see a subsequent deterioration in real health as the deranged immune system attempts to self-correct, including ultimately the development of more chronic and insidious disorders such as abnormalities in bone formation and inflammation of the kidneys.


homeopathic remedies for dog allergies

Remember again the like-cures-like principle of homeopathy and consider how cortisone and histamine in potentised form can, with other remedies such as Arsenicum album, offer the possibility of relief and even a permanent cure when an approach against specific antigens is considered. Homeopathic remedies for dog allergies

There are a number of interesting aspects to consider in the management of skin disease, including the pH status of canine skin, its
frequent contact with an unnatural, clinically clean environment, the constant presence of parasites, allergic and sensitivity conditions, the ability of a happily scratching dog to self-destruct, and the almost universal practice of juvenile neutering.

Our animal friends, neutered as babies, are almost totally deficient in the many benefits that sex hormones bring. This can contribute to the skin’s quality and condition and contributes significantly to skin disease. Extensive field work has clearly established the value of Homeopathy sex hormones in the balancing of the neutered female system in the struggle against skin disorders and urinary incontinence.

Immune modulation

Before intensive therapy with recommended drugs is considered it is worth modulating the immune response. Remedies such as Echinacea angustifolia, Eleutherococcus senticosus and Acidum phosphoricum will support the immune response, while Antimonium crudum, Thuja, and Castor equi will contribute to healthy skin formation.

Nutritional supplements containing colostrum also play a significant role. This naturally occurring substance is still in Cinderella land, and yet so much scientific evaluation has clearly indicated how valuable it is in many disease situations. It has powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic and immune modulatory effects.

This approach often results in a gradual improvement in pruritis, odour and skin texture within three weeks, although full hair cover may take up to three months. Puppies treated in this manner always recover.


Be your best friend’s best friend. Avoid causes for AD where you can and if your dog does develop eczema, learn to recognize the early symptoms in order to manage the condition as soon as possible. And remember, homeopathy works, naturally!


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