We will always have the odd dietary and exercise indiscretion, and as long as we don’t let it spiral out of proportion, there’s actually not a lot wrong with it. On a physical level, the body can easily deal with pretty much anything from time to time; we have to make sure that we are just as resilient mentally.

For some people, certain foods and drinks are like nicotine: they can trigger an almost instant reversal of dietary behavior. When someone has been without cigarettes for weeks, months or even years, just one puff can trigger the old pattern of behavior, and they can be back on a packet a day before they know it. The same principle applies to food or, to be more accurate, drug-like foods and drinks.

Even a slight indiscretion can lead some people back to all their old eating habits. If you are aware that you are one of these people then be very careful if you ever have a dietary indiscretion. There’s no need for it to spiral out of control as long as you are aware of what’s happening and you ‘clean up’ the next day.

The general rule is not to have days and days of indiscretions, otherwise, the old foods and behaviors take refuge before you know it, and you’ll find it very tricky to ‘kick start’ yourself again. Once you’ve made the change and completed the 14-day programme, your new behavior pattern should have developed sufficiently for your brain to want to keep it. See my book The Juice Master! Turbo-charge Your Life in 14 Days for details of this programme.

Airport Day

If you ever see me at an airport or on an airplane you can almost bet your bottom dollar that I won’t be eating just salad and having juice. Chances are I’ll be tucking into some sort of sandwich, and sometimes even eating the absolute rubbish they serve on the plane. Why? Well, airports are one of the few places where it is genuinely hard to find some decent, natural food, and finding a juice bar is almost impossible (unless you’re in Stansted Airport where you have Love Juice – yes, that’s the name!).

Having said that, this could easily be seen as a ‘but’ excuse. If I really wanted to I could prepare some decent food for the flight and bring a packed lunch. However, as the vast majority of the time, I live an extremely healthy lifestyle, and given that I’m no longer overweight,
I know I don’t have to be ‘anal’ about such days and can grab whatever food is available. Often, though, I will actually choose to bring some fruit on a plane, and I always make sure I drink plenty of water because of the dehydrating effect of flying. But if I forget to prepare I will eat whatever is there… to some degree.

Well, come on – even I can’t eat everything on those plastic ‘food’ trays; half of it is ‘mystery food’. Now, clearly, if your job involves having to commute by plane every day or once or twice a week, then the airport day doesn’t apply to you. You will need to look at ways to eat healthily on such days; such as taking fruit and/or a packed lunch.



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