I have called it airport day but it could just as well be ‘theme park day’ or ‘staying at a hotel day’ – it’s a day when it’s difficult to get decent
food and so you choose the best of what’s available or prepare and bring your own. If you have an airport day scheduled during the 14 day programme then you must make certain you prepare: there are to be no exceptions whatsoever during this time.

Flexibility is important. You must allow for the occasional airport day and not drive yourself cuckoo. Once again, though, even on airport day, you must avoid foods or drinks which can trigger old patterns of behavior. For example, I would never, ever have a cigarette again – even on airport day. This is because I don’t want to, and it could cause a knock-on reaction and lead me back into the smoking trap. For many people, just a sniff of wheat, white sugar or chocolate is enough to get them back in old ways.

Give The Body Credit

However, if you know that certain ‘rubbish’ foods will not trigger an emotional hook, then it is imperative that you feel free to have them from time to time. The human body will do its utmost to make sure it turns whatever comes in into usable fuel. And don’t forget to Get Prepped for Glowing Summer Skin.

The body can put up with eating rubbish for many years, but eventually, it takes its toll. It will start to break down, and disease (Travel Disease Cause and Treatment) in one form or another (like weight gain) will set in. It is therefore essential that the majority of what comes into the body is in the form of ‘live’, natural, easy-to-digest, nutritionally rich food and drink. You are still most welcome to have the odd exception from time to time, but you must never make the exception the rule.

The danger is that the airport day becomes every day, and before you know where you are, you’re back in the thick of it. Mental freedom and a non-diet mentality are the keys to lifelong success.



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